26-Days Tour

Tour Services

Tour services include:
  • Visa reference number(does not include your visa fees)
  • Transfer from airport to hotel.
  • Local tour guide (English speaking)
  • Accommodation, middle class hotels (3*4*)
  • Breakfast and bed .(BB)
  • All transport, road permit and pay tolls taxes throughout your journey in Iran.
  • Everyday fresh Fruits, tea or coffee.
Tousr services does not include:
  • Tips or your personal expenditure.
  • Dinner


1st Day: Tehran
First of all, depending on your arrival time in Tehran Airport, (IKA) you are welcomed and assisted by our representative and will be transferred to your hotel. O/N Tehran. (Depends on your arrival time).
2nd Day: Tehran- Full day city tour of Tehran
So in the beginning day you will visit several sites in Tehran like Archaeological & Islamic Art Museums, the finest museum in Iran which covers all periods and artifacts from the major sites in the country, we will visit Museums of Sad Abad Palaces. O/N Tehran.
3rd Day: Tehran –Qazvin- Alamut
In this day we will drive to Ghazvin Alamut Valley en route visiting Lammasar castle-visit the Evan lake.In addition w are going to drive to Gazorkhan-visiting Alamut Gazorkhan. O/N Gazorkhan.
4th Day: Alamut-Masooleh
In the morning you are going to visit the historical castle of Alamut, which is the unique memory of the God of Alamut (Hasan Sabbah). Then, we will visit Alamut castle. You will depart for Masooleh and be accommodated in one of the memorable traditional house of the north of Iran in the middle of the village. O/N Masooleh.
5th Day: Masooleh-Bandar-e Anzali
In the morning after your breakfast we are going to visit the historical village of Masooleh. Also, Masooleh architecture is unique Its architecture is one of the inquests in the world which is registered in UNESCO. Then we are going to drive to Bander Anzali along the coastal road, evening free time for swimming in the Caspian sea. O/N Bander Anzali. Seashore Village.
6th Day: Bandar-e Anzali-Ardabil
You will depart for Ardabil, en route we will visit the port of Astara. Also, there is a city with this name just on the opposite side of the border, within the Republic of Azerbaijan. Its history dates back to 6,000 years ago. Then, we will have our way through the Heiran Strait where you can visit one of the best Iran landscapes. O/N Ardabil.
7th Day: Ardabil- Sarein
Above all, in this day, we are going to Ardebil to visit the mausoleum of Sheikh Safi-ad-Din-e-Ardabili. It is an impressive ancient monument containing the following components: the mausoleums of Sheikh Safi and Shah Isma’il, Chini khaneh (meaning the house of chinaware), a mosque, Jannat Sara (meaning the house of paradise), Khanaqah (the house of Dervishes), Cheragh Khaneh (the house of lamps), Shahid khaneh (the house of martyrs) and Chelleh Khaneh (the place where devotees shut themselves up during the forty days of Lent), then drive to Sarein. O/N Sarein.
8th Day: Sarein-Kaleybar
So in the 8th day of your tour, we are going to move toward Kaleyber en route. We will go through Sarab town. Also, we will be visiting Sahand mountains. It is one of the highest mountains in Iranian Azerbaijan. The Sahand mountains are located on South of Tabriz, the highest peak of which at an altitude of 3,750 m. This evening you are free at your leisure. O/N Kaleyber.
9th Day: Kaleybar-Julfa
You will visit the ancient churches in Kaleybar be awe-inspired by the citadel of Babak-e-khoramdin and last but not least you will get a rare opportunity to explore Mazdakian culture. Take a trip to the historical border city of Julfa which is located near the Aras River and the fascinating forests of Arasbaran, Julfa is the stronghold of the Armenian Christians who possess a rich and unique culture of their own. O/N Julfa.
10th Day: Julfa-Tabriz
In the morning after breakfast drive to Tabriz there we visit the impressive tomb of Shahriar, the most famous Persian and Azeri poet. you will also visit the exotic bazaar with an interesting array of ethnic crafts on sale. See the exquisite Jameh and Kabood Mosques and explore the interesting collections of the Azerbaijan and Constitution Revolution Museums. O/N Tabriz.
11th Day: Tabriz-Kandovan-Tabriz
Today we are going to the fascinating village of Kandovan and be amazed by its unique and charming architecture. Kandovan is located in the westward of Tabriz. After, we will pass the city of Oskoo and wonderful mountainous view. Then, we will reach this marvelous village, after all we are going to get back to Tabriz. O/N Tabriz.
12th Day: Tabriz- Zanjan- Sultanieh
In the morning after your breakfast, we are going to drive to Zanjan. Then, we will visit the Gonbad-e Sultanieh dome which is one of the most magnificent monuments. Furthermore this place used to be the capital of Ilkhanid. In 2005, UNESCO listed Soltaniyeh as one of the World Heritage Sites. Consequently, we are going to visit Ganjnameh that hosts Achaemenian, recognized by UNESCO. O/N Zanjan.
13th Day: Zanjan-Hamadan
So we are going to drive to Hamadan en route visit one of the unique phenomena in the world, Ali sadr Cave. As a result one of the biggest water caves. The cave was originally discovered during the reign of Darius I (521-485 BC) which can be verified by an old inscription at the entrance of the tunnel. However, the knowledge of the existence of the tunnel was lost, and only rediscovered in 1978 when a local shepherd followed the tunnel searching for water and a lost goat. O/N Hamadan.
14th Day: Hamadan
Hamadan is believed to be the oldest Iranian cities and one of the oldest in the world. We are going to see the mausoleums of the philosopher/mathematician Ibn Sina (Avicenna), and Baba Taher. Also, we will visit the Shir-e Sangi (the Stone Lion) resting in the central square. Soour next stops are going to be at Dervish Monastery of Gonbad-e-Alavian, shrine of Esther & Mordecai, the most important Jewish pilgrimage site in Iran. O/N Hamadan.
15th Day: Hamadan-Kangavar-Kermanshah-Khorammabad
Finally we are going to drive to Kermanshah, en route visit Kangavar, the Anahita Temple which is the name of one of two archaeological sites in Iran. Also, we are going to drive to visit the old caravan route to Bistoon, which dates back to the Middle Paleolithic. The Achaemenian inscriptions offer details in 1,200 lines about the battles of Darius the Great who fought against the governors trying to dismantle the Empire originally founded by Cyrus. Then, just beside the village of Sahneh you can visit the tomb of Ostad Khalil Ali nejad, the best player of Tanboor in the world. Also In Kermanshah we are going to visit the Sassanian rock carvings of Tagh-e-Bostan. These bas-reliefs, cut from the stone cliff, depict royal scenes of battles and hunts reflecting the glorious history of the Sassanid Kings. Then, we will continue to Khorammabad. O/N Khorammabad.
16th Day: Khorammabad-Susa
The Former is the center of Lorestan Province, inhabited by the Lors, which is one of the oldest races in Iran. In addition they are known for their warm hospitality, rich history and culture. The city of Khoram Abad is dominated by the Falak-ol-Aflak Castle. Also, this massive structure was built during the Sassanid era (226–651). Then, we are going to drive to Susa. Remnants and the historical relics of Susa are a testament to the fact that this city was established 7000 years before Christ. Furthermore, this is the region where one of the first governments of the world was formed, resulting in the merger between the two cultures of the Iranian plateau and Mesopotamia. Pay homage to the tomb of Daniel, the Jewish prophet, which has attracted a steady flow of pilgrims from all over the Middle East. O/N Susa.
17th Day: Susa-chogha Zanbil-Shushtar-Masjid e Soleman
Then, in this day we are going to visit Apadana palace and the historical castle of Susa. Fill your imagination with wonder with a visit to the first Iranian site to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. After we will be driving to Shushtar en route visit chogha Zanbil, Anahita Temple. Then we will visit the historical town Shushtar, where Historical Hydraulic System, inscribed as a masterpiece of geniuses creation which can be traced back to Darius the Great in the 5th century B.C. O/N Masjid e Soleman.
18th Day: Masjid e Soleman-Shiraz
In the morning after breakfast we are going to drive from Masjid e Soleman to Shiraz, pass through Haft Gol, Ram hormus, Behbahan, Dogonbadan, Noorabad and Quaemia. O/N Shiraz.
19th Day: Shiraz
Full Day Sightseeing of Shiraz: The city of Nightingales and Flowers, visit Arg e Karim Khan Zand Palace, Pars Museum, Vakil Complex,(Vakil Mosque, Vakil Hamam, Vakil Bazaar), The Tomb of Hafez, and the Darvazeh Quran, and visit marvel at mirror decoration of Ali ebne Hamze Holy Shrine, O/N Shiraz.
20th Day: Shiraz-Yazd
This morning we leave Shiraz for Yazd and will visit en route the most magnificent city of the ancient world, Persepolis, which is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during Achemaenian era. The site, 125,000 sq. m. in area is composed of various reception halls and palaces, private palaces, royal treasury and fortifications. where we find the tomb of Darius the great and remains of Achaemenian palaces and edifices. We continue our trip by visiting Naghsh-e-Rostam, the Achaemenian royal necropolis and Pasargadae where we find the tomb of Cyrus the great and remains of Achaemenian palaces and edifices. Continue the tour to Abarkuh, visit 4000 old Cypress tree, drive to Yazd, O/N Yazd.
21st Day: Yazd- Full day city tour of Yazd
Full day city tour visiting Alexender prison, Lari house, 12 Imam Tomb, old city streets, Jame mosque, Seyed Roknadin, Water Museum, Amirchamaq complex, Hamam-e-khan old Bazar Fire Temple, Tower of Silence O/N Yazd.
22nd Day: Yazd-Garmeh
In the morning after breakfast drive to Garmeh en route visit Kharanak village, Caravan Sarai, Shaking minaret, Old Village. Continue our tour to Bayazeh visit the small village of Bayazeh. From there pass through Aroosan village and then Garmeh. After lunch visit the village O/N Garmeh.
23rd Day: Garmeh- Mesr- Esfahan
After breakfast move to Sahara-e-Mesr there we can do Camel Riding in the desert (Sand dune) then drive for Esfahan en route visit Nain Friday Mosque, Desert Cultural Museum, Continue to Esfahan O/N Esfahan.
24th Day: Esfahan
Full Day Sightseeing of Esfahan: Hasht Behest Palace, Imam Square including Imam Mosque, Ali Qapuo palace, Shaik Lutfullah mosque, old Bazaar, Chel Sotoon Palace, Famous Bridges over Zayandeh Rood, O/N Esfahan.
25th Day: Esfahan-Abyaneh- Kashan
Half day city tour including Jame Mosque and Vank cathedral Church. Drive for Abyaneh. there you will visit the UNESCO recognized village of Abyaneh, located at the foot of Mount Karkas and in the vicinity of desert. Appreciate the serenity of this quaint village with its splendid archaeology and meet the dwellers who speak, live and dress in the original Persian style, Drive to Kashan. O/N Kashan.
26th Day: Kashan-Tehran
Morning after breakfast we visit the Historical houses of Tabatabee house, Amereha house, Brugerdi house, Sultan Ahmed Khan Hamam, Fin Garden, move from Kashan to Tehran international airport (IKA) for your return flight. (Depends on your departure time)

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