Tower of Silence – Dolat Abad Garden – Fire Temple

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Tower of Silence – Dolat Abad Garden – Fire Temple

In a city that is an ancient forest of wind towers and brown twisting lanes full of romantic traditional hotels and historic tourist sights to visit, like Tower of silence, Hana factory, Fire temple, Dolatabad Garden, Seyaed Roknadin Mausoleum, Jameh mosque, old city, Alexander prison, 12 Imam mausoleum, Old Bazaar, Amir chakmaq complex, Water museum, Experience a thrilling in Yazd by visiting these sights.
  • Amir Chakhmaq complex
  • Ancient wind towers (Badgirs)
  • Water Museum of Yazd
  • The grand Jameh mosque
  • Walking through old city of Yazd
  • Alexander prison and tomb of 12 Imams
  • Dowlat abad garden
  • Zoroastrian fire temple
  • The tower of silence


  • Transportation
  • Refreshment (Water, coffee or Tea, Cake)


  • Licensed Guide

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Tower of silence, Fire temple, Old city, Jameh mosque of Yazd

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