Short Tours

August 26, 2019

Saryazd – Mehriz – Zein-o-Din

First of all we will be driving from your hotel (Yazd) to Saryazd,for visiting the Caravanserai, Robat, Saryazd Castle, then we will drive to Mehriz, visit 2000 Years old Cypress Tree. Afterwards you will have your way to visit Caravanserai Zein-o-din.After your visiting from Caravanserai you will observe the Sunset and after that watching the stars. Your last stop is going to be at your hotel in Yazd.
August 26, 2019

Yazd to Shiraz

Drive from Yazd to Shiraz. A short stop beside Eagle Mountain, continue to visit Pasargadae Cyrus Tomb world heritage site. Continue for Naghsh-e Rostam, Achaemenian Royal Cemetery (Necropolis); visit Persepolis the most magnificent city of the ancient world which is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site and to Shiraz to your desired hotel. End of the tour.
August 26, 2019

Tower of Silence – Dolat Abad Garden – Fire Temple

In a city that is an ancient forest of wind towers and brown twisting lanes full of romantic traditional hotels and historic tourist sights to visit, like Tower of silence, Hana factory, Fire temple, Dolatabad Garden, Seyaed Roknadin Mausoleum, Jameh mosque, old city, Alexander prison, 12 Imam mausoleum, Old Bazaar, Amir chakmaq complex, Water museum, Experience a thrilling in Yazd by visiting these sights.
August 26, 2019

Varzaneh – Salt Lake – Golden Triangle of Yazd

In the first day, we will be taking you from your hotel to Kharanaq An old small village beside desert which has a Carevanserai and a shaking minaret. Then we will have our way to Chak-Chak the main temple of Zoroastrians where located in the mountain. Therefor we will be driving to Meybod. A city in Yazd province, where you are going to visit several sites, such as Narin castle, (the oldest mud brick castle in Iran) Caravanserai "Shah Abbasi" Zeloo Museum, Ice-house, Handicrafts showroom and Pigeon House .Your next stop in the first day is going to be at Naein, Where you can visit the Grand Jameh Mosque of Naein and aslo beside of it there is a cultural museum. Your last stop in first day of journey is going to be at Varzaneh desert one of the most beautiful deserts in Isfahan province, Varzaneh (Khara desert) with high sand dunes and a charming landscape of a glory night. Afterwards you will be watching the sunset on sand dunes. Your accommodation is going to be in a guest house or Camping in the Tents. (O/N Varzaneh)
In the second day after your breakfast we will be going from desert to the salt lake. After your visiting we will visit the Ghurtan Citadel, known as an old citadel with a mysterious past. The citadel dates back to 429-439AD date of Bahram V`s ruling.Then we will have our way through en route Isfahan. Your last stop is going to be in Isfahan, at your hotel.