Short Tours

July 13, 2019

Desert Tracking

Drive from your hotel to one of the most beautiful deserts in Yazd Province. (Bafq Desert) with high sand dunes and a memorable tracking. After tracking you will observe the beautiful sunset and starts with a different landscape of a desert. After all we will take you to your hotel in Yazd. End of the Tour.
August 26, 2019

Kharanagh – Chack-Chack – Meybod

Drive to visit Kharanagh Citadel village Caravan Sarai, Shaking minaret, Then move for Chack chack, visit the holy Temple of Zorastrians and the beautiful landscape, after visiting Chack Chack drive for Meybod where you visit Narin castle, (the oldest mud brick castle in Iran) Caravanserai "Shah Abbasi", Ziloo Museum, Pony Express, Ice-house, handicrafts showrooms, Pigeon House .After that you will return to your hotel.
August 26, 2019

Yazd – Golden Triangle – Mesr – Esfahan

First of all we will be taking you from your hotel to the Golden Triangle of Yazd, where you will be visiting some magnificent places. Meybod will be your first stop. An ancient city out of Yazd with a lot to visit such as Narin castle, (the oldest mud brick castle in Iran) Caravanserai "Shah Abbasi", Ziloo Museum, Ice-house, handicrafts showrooms and Pigeon House. Then we will be driving through Chack-Chack, the holy temple of Zorostrians. You will have the way to Kharanaq an old citadel village beside desert with a Carevanserai and Shaking minaret. Your next stops are going to be at two oases. First, you will be driving to Bayazeh for visiting the small village of Bayazeh, (Kanath) water system in Desert area. Second, Garmeh oasis, a wonderful place with a small cave that has water coming out of it, where you can try the free traditional fish-pedicure. You had been visiting many places for a full day. Time to rest! Your final stop (in the first day) is going to be in Mesr desert, observe sunset on the sand dunes (O/N Mesr)
Second Day: After breakfast we will be driving through Naeen. Where you will visit the Grand Jameh Mosque of Naeen and the cultural museum. After visiting those places we will be taking you to Esfahan. Your final stop is going to be at your hotel in Esfahan. End of the tour.
August 26, 2019

Yazd – Meymand – Kerman

Drive from Yazd to Saryazd, visit Caravanserai, Robat, Saryazd Castle. Then you will drive to the Caravanserai Zeinodin, the only rounded Caravanserai in Iran and also one of the oldest ones. After visiting Caravanserai Zeinodin Drive toward Meymand rural district which is believed to be a primary human residence in the Persian Plateau, dating back to 12,000 years ago and also a rocky village with rock made houses. (O/N Meymand in rock houses)
In the morning after breakfast drive toward Kerman and drop you to your desired hotel. End of the tour.